Wednesday, August 02, 2017
By Molly Weimer

If you are a bride in the south-east area looking for an elevated “say yes to the dress” experience, come join us at Bridals by Gilbert! We love being able to give a variety of options to our brides, especially when it comes to the Pink Door Experience we provide. One of our favorite additions we offer our brides is the VIP sessions at our boutique. This is private shopping experience for the bride and her wedding party.  The boutique is open only to the bride and her family and friend, where at least two consultants will be there to assist. Beverages & appetizers are provided, as well as photos and a video of the event for your keepsake. Another great add-on that the VIP provides the brides is the special discount applied to the bride & her bridesmaid’s purchases.

The VIP experience is one that is unique to our boutique! One of our VIP brides, Alyssa Edwards, shared with us that “The BBG girls had everything perfect. The room set up was great, the refreshments were delicious, the champagne glasses hand painted looked like a bride and groom and bridesmaids were so cute, the "Yes" signs that my family and friends could hold up and tell me what they thought about a dress. The ladies made me feel very special and welcome”. At Bridal’s by Gilbert the VIP sessions seem to offer such a personal connection between the brides and the bridal consultants. Alyssa expressed that through her bridal gown searching experience “it’s like they could read my mind and knew exactly what I wanted without having to say a word”.

The Bridal’s by Gilbert team finds that the VIP sessions are for brides who don’t know exactly what dress is right for them, haven’t tried on a wedding dress before, or are interested in going through the experience with all her friends and family. Alyssa explained that during her session “they were so calm and laid back and never rushed me, I think they would have let me try on every dress in the store if i wanted too”.  The brides love these VIP sessions and so does the Bridal’s by Gilbert team! The consultants enjoy being able to spend more time with each bride.

Bridal’s by Gilbert thrives by being able to offer this option to their brides and give them more time to find their dream dress. When asking Alyssa if she would recommend the VIP session to other brides she stated” I would absolutely recommend the VIP session to other brides! These ladies help me find my dream dress and I couldn't be more thankful for that and the way they treated me and my family and friends”. Call or stop by Bridal’s by Gilbert to book your VIP appointment today!



Wednesday, July 26, 2017
By Molly Weimer

Brides, you may have found your man, but you still need your girls! As a bride making the decision of who will be in your wedding is such an important one, as these are the women who will be standing by you throughout your marriage. The moment when you finally pick who your bridesmaids will be, you must decide just how you want to ask them. If you are still searching for those perfect gifts for your bridesmaids, let the experts at Bridals by Gilbert do the preparing!

The tricky thing about asking your bridesmaids to stand by you is that not one of them is the same as the other. Your friends and family members each have their own personalities, which is why you love them but it can be challenging when pick out their gifts.

Bridals by Gilbert can make the perfect gift set, for any and all of your bridesmaids!

For the on the go bridesmaid: This is a friend or family member who is extremely busy and never in one place for long. This may also be a bridesmaid that is far from you now, but still so dear! We have lots of great items for this bride. The bridesmaid clutch is perfect for this woman, as she stay organized throughout all of her chaos. Another great item for this bridesmaid’s kit would be the bridesmaid compact mirror, for her travels and busy days. Our travel sized honey Bee lotion would be another great idea for this bridesmaid, so even on the go she can enjoy smooth skin!

For the flirty bridesmaid: This is the single friend or family member who loves to have a good time! She never fails to make you smiles and loves to have you embark on her spontaneous adventures with her. For this bridesmaid the Hanky Panky undergarments would be a perfect gift, with lace and rhinestone accents. The bridesmaid wine bag would also be such a fun gift for this woman, as she loves to have a good time. This bridesmaid would also love our cute champagne glasses to help you celebrate your upcoming journey. The Katie Loxton perfect pouch with fun sayings would be a great addition to this bridesmaid’s gift box!

For the bridesmaid you’ve known your whole life: This is a friend or family member who you have had by your side your entire life. She has seen the good and the bad. She knows all your deepest secrets and still loves you unconditionally. For this bridesmaid we recommend the darling “Heart of Gold” necklace, to show her just how much her friendship means to you. We also recommend the “Heart of Gold” candle for this sweet friend in your life. For this bridesmaid another cute and fun idea would be to get the bridesmaid small bag, and fill the bag with pictures as well as memories you’ve shared throughout your lives.

For the maid of honor: This is the friend or family member you would trust with your life and all of your wedding needs. She is the one you know will help you get the wedding duties done and laugh with you throughout it all. The maid of honor needs one of our maid of honor canvas tote bags, to keep all of her wedding planning festivities organized. After a long day of planning events, the Katie Loxton candle would be a perfect addition to her gift box. Also be sure to throw in a sweet “Will you be my maid of Honor” bracelet for this near and dear woman in your life.

We have so many great gift ideas for the special women who will stand by your side, all at incredible prices. We can add any item you see suitable for your bridesmaids to their gift box. The boxes are available online and in stores! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
By Molly Weimer

Throughout all of your wedding planning it is common to become overwhelmed with all of the “To Do’s” leading up to your big day. Bridal’s by Gilbert is a one stop shop bridal boutique that is sure to help ease preparations for your wedding day. Not only does the boutique offer beautiful bridal gowns, but also an array of gifts for your wedding party as well as for the bride to be.

As your wedding day approaches it is somewhat difficult to think of gifts for those who are a part of your special day, but Bridal’s by Gilbert offers a selection of fun, unique, and charming gifts for loved ones. The options are endless as to what the boutique has to offer. For example canvas tote bags, robes for your bridesmaids, candles, sweet necklaces and bracelets, mugs and champagne glasses with fun quotes, as well as makeup bags are all items offered to customers.

The boutique also offers special items for any bride to be, such as canvas tote bags, wedding planners, hanky panky undergarments, and passport covers. These products are great because they can be used during wedding planning, at the wedding itself, and once the festivities are complete!

 Some of the best sellers sold at Bridal’s by Gilbert are the coffee mugs, the bridesmaid’s small clutch and the large sequin bride tote. “It has been hard to keep the sequin bride tote in stock, because as soon as we get more in they sell out again!” stated owner Maria Gilbert. Lots of brides love this bag because it is large enough to keep all their wedding planning materials organized.

Recently some of the Bridal’s by Gilbert team attended the Atlanta Gift Show located at the Atlanta Mart. After speaking with a variety of different vendors and spending time looking through all wedding gift options, the team was able to pick out items that are perfect for their customers. The Bridal’s by Gilbert owners visit the Atlanta Mart three to four times a year, which allows the boutique to bring in new products for their clientele.

One asset the bridal boutique offers its customers is the NEW online store. The recent expansion provides the ability to purchase products no matter where the customer is located. All wedding gifts that are offered in store are also offered online! The boutique decided to move into the online store to help ease the purchasing process; with just a few simple clicks customers can have any gift item they desire.  

Bridal’s by Gilbert enjoys being able to provide customers with just what they are looking for and at a reasonable price.  From trendy to traditional the boutique strives to give a variety of options for any and all of their customers. Let Bridal’s by Gilbert make your gift shopping experience easy and memorable!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By Molly Weimer

Bridal’s by Gilbert is a bridal boutique located in the quaint downtown city of Perry, GA. The boutique opened June 2015 and has flourished ever since. Owned by a local family of Perry, the boutique offers a charm that is hard to find anywhere else. The owners are a warm and welcoming mother-daughter duo, Maria and Mary Margaret Gilbert, who love what they do. Mary Margaret explains that “What lies behind the pink door at our boutique has transformed my life forever. My job is just not to make money; it is to make memories, to make a difference, and to be a bright door among all the dark ones”. When asked what has been the most rewarding moment while Bridal’s by Gilbert has been open, owners Maria and Mary Margaret said “The moment when a bride to be finds her dream gown and we are a part of that special moment”.

 The idea of opening a bridal boutique arose from Maria’s years of experience within the wedding industry, as the Gilbert’s also own a photography business located in Perry. “We were looking for something to do together that would complement the photography in the same space”, and they sure found it! Receiving Best of the Best for 2017 in the category of Bridal and 2017 Georgia Bridal show best booth award were both such humbling achievements for Bridal’s by Gilbert. “It was a true leap of faith, but we have been overwhelmed by the responses from our customers and the community” stated owner Maria Gilbert. 

 It seems as though brides from all over Georgia can’t get enough of this boutique, with brides reaching from all over the southeast to internationally as far as Germany. Each bride has nothing but positive responses regarding their experience at Bridals by Gilbert. In the future the business plans to expand and is always looking to see what needs to be changed and added on. For example the bridal boutique not only offers wedding gowns, but also bridesmaids, tuxedos, flower girl, exquisite jewelry and accessories, as well as a selection of gifts (now offered online). The owners have recently visited Venice, Italy where they purchased one of a kind accessories for your wedding day. They also discovered beautiful lace, which will allow them to start their own line of veils! The Bridal’s by Gilbert team is always looking for ways to make the boutique unique, by providing items and services which cannot be found anywhere else.

Brides are the number one priority at Bridal’s by Gilbert and the consultants at the boutique work hard to make sure each bride feels that all efforts are given to them. “Our goal is to be a boutique with southern hospitality that offers quality products in a welcoming environment” stated Maria. If you are a bride looking for an experience like no other with helpful consultants, caring owners, and beautiful gowns look no further than Bridal’s by Gilbert!